Originally posted by Roger:
I was wondering about how many records feature Billy Currie,
As far as I know a possible discography should sound like this (apart from FoxxVox and Urevox albums & singles). This is just an aide memoire and not a proper and detailed discography.
Any addition or info will be welcomed:

Billy Currie Transportation lp/cd/tape
Billy Currie Stand Up and Walk cd (lp? tape?)
Billy Currie Unearthed cd
Billy Currie Keys and the Fiddle cd

Gary Numan The Pleasure Principle lp/cd/tape
Gary Numan Living Ornaments 1979 (live) lp/cd/tape

Visage Visage lp/cd/tape
Visage The Anvil lp/cd/tape
Visage Fade To Grey-The Singles Collection (also dance mix version) lp/cd/tape
Visage Beat Boy lp/tape

Ultravox Revelation lp/cd/tape
Ultravox Ingenuity cd
Ultravox Future Picture cd

The Armoury Show Waiting For The Flood lp/cd/tape

Steve Howe Turbulence lp/cd/tape

Duffo Gonna Send The Boys Around 12"

VV.AA. Freispiel (german cd with a Billy Currie unreleased solo track) cd-only

Hi Roger,

One addition: laugh

Gary Numan: The Radio One Recordings - CD
(Billy is on tracks 4-10)

One possible addition: smile
Gary Numan - Telekon - CD
Quoting from Jonas Warstad's discography:

Two more tracks 'Photograph' & 'Trois Gymnopedies (1st movement)' were recorded 9-12 April right before the main album sessions - they were released in 1980 as B-sides, but they 'belong' to this album. Also recorded 9-12 April were (unreleased) demo versions of Cars, Metal, Observer, Conversation, Tracks, Airlane and Engineers.

My question does Billy feature on Telekon's CD bonus tracks : Photograph & Trois Gymnopedies ? I have a feeling that Billy was a real asset for Gary and would have featured in these 2 keyboard/viola based tracks. wink

Voix mentioned that Living Ornaments 1980 will eventually be released on CD in the UK for the first time. I hope Gary doesn't forget about these demos. Will they feature Billy? Gary like John and Midge are all rounders perhaps it's just him on vocals and all instruments. wink

Chris C