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It's a pity we don't live nearer...I can provide decent vocal imitations of John Foxx and Howard Devoto...many years ago I did Magazine and Ultravox covers with my own band ("Definitive Gaze", "Shot BY Both Sides", "The Light Pours Out Of Me", "Slow Motion")
I've sang those songs many times in the shower. I'm pleased and admire that you've plunged yourself into the music world. I never did that and I regret it. Shy I was in my teens. Call it stage fright. I found reading music very complex. I have brilliant ideas in my head after listening to these songs a million times. Your mind becomes a computer. You can do your own mixes in there. I never endeavoured to put them into practice. John Foxx, Ultravox, OMD, Howard Devoto etc did that for me and I'm happy with their music.

Philadelphia is one of the greatest songs of my whole record collection.
It's one of my favourite tracks and has one of John McGeoch's great guitar riffs. Howard Devotos' lyrics is superb in this album. In 'Model Worker' he discovered the New Romantic Movement..."I'm tired of working on the land I want to work with machines and look handsome"

I love Definite Gaze and the pulsating Shot by Both Sides. Touch and Go is brilliant. I love Robin Simon on Parade live at Melbourne. John McGeoch is brilliant throughout. Rhythm of Cruelty, Believe that I Understand, Shot By Both Sides, The Light Pours out of me, Motorcade, Song from under the Floorboards, Because you're Frightened, Philadelphia...

Very influential in all respects. I'm sure that John Foxx has an admiration for Magazine.

Some of us do. Quiet Man if you are out there we would like to tell that the light truly pours out of you and we love that you are still presenting us fans with your masterpieces.

Billy we haven't forgotten you. Nothing beats your performance on 'On Broadway'. Out of this world!

Chris C smile