Hi Chris,
yes Dave Formula is on "JVOAD", and also on Luxuria's "Beast Box" as musician and producer.
I'm sorry I'm not into synths, so I can't help, but I'm sure many people hre can give you the right answer.

It's a pity we don't live nearer...I can provide decent vocal imitations of John Foxx and Howard Devoto...many years ago I did Magazine and Ultravox covers with my own band ("Definitive Gaze", "Shot BY Both Sides", "The Light Pours Out Of Me", "Slow Motion")

Could we maybe think of John McGeoch as the new wave guitar par excellence? Don't want to put any label on him, I'm just noting he played in such important new wave bands as Magazine, Visage, Siouxsie & The Banshees, PIL and in other less famous, but which featured cult figures (Richard Jobson's Armoury Show).

Oesterreicher II: yes, Noko is the right name. I agree that "Magic, Murder and the Weather" is the weakest Magazine album. I dare to say that it's weak in itself, because it lacks that sublime mix of unforgettable hooks and hard-edged style which makes great nearly every moment of "The Correct Use Of Soap". Philadelphia is one of the greatest songs of my whole record collection.
You can find a lot of info on: www.shotbybothsides.com