Great to find MAGAZINE being chatted about - I'm hard-pressed to find anyone who's even heard of them !

I must admit that their last album, "Magic, Murder and the Weather", was their weakest for me, although it's so long since I've listened to it (vinyl all in one attic, turntable elsewhere, neither of them near) that I might well find my feelings changed on listening again. For me, "The Correct Use of Soap" has it: great title and some superb songs - anyone for Dostoyevsky set to music ?! Oh, and the B-side cover of "Goldfinger" - nice!

LUXURIA , too, were criminally under-rated. One favourable reviewer stated that this was the true and logical successor to the New Romantic movement - although he didn't give it a name - and it does have something of the filmic creativity and flamboyance of new Romanticism but with a far more realist heart - Devoto's almost like a connoisseur of the stale and the mundanely twisted or a pickler of grotesques.

Does anyone know what he or his multi-instumentalist collaborator in LUXURIA (name escapes me - was it "Noko" or summat similar?)are up to these days ?