Originally posted by Roger:
...I'd really like to make a cover of "About The Weather", a great song a bit ruined by Martin Hannet's 'metallic' production.

Yeah, that's one of the tracks I would cover if I were in a band too. I love all that romanticism with its arty lyrics, vocals, guitar and synth lines. Just like our John. Unfortuantely, I decided to become an accountant ages ago instead of playing piano/guitar. frown

I checked it out last night Dave Formula plays something called FSE (What type of synth is this Roger ?) and piano on Rainy Season. laugh

..and great John McGeoch (RIP)...
I only found out last night whilst I was navigating the internet for details of 'Jerky Versions'

A great loss to the music industry. Siouxsie and the other Banshees regarded him as the best guitarist they ever worked with.

For John McGeoch:

"Here is the light of the land
once again
once again"

'Believe that I understand'...you were indeed one of the greatest.

We shall all miss you! cry

Chris C