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This is just an aide memoire and not a proper and detailed discography.
Any addition or info will be welcomed:

Bongiorno Roger!

One addition.

I've been listening recently to Billy's fantastic Still Movement and I've been wondering in my thoughts, looking back through the years...to those years when there was no internet...just TV/video..LP/cassette...letter/phone (I'm sounding like MetaMatrix -very kraftwerky!! biglaugh ).

I suddenly remembered in one of the few Spanish channels, that we used to get in Gib in those days, a certain music programme. One Saturday they had Howard Devoto promoting his solo debut album in Spain after disbanding Magazine a year ago. He performed 2 tracks from the album 'Cold Imagination' and 'Rainy Season'. Rainy Season I liked so much and still do (have the 7") that I watched and listened attentively. There was in Howard's backing band our Billy and his side kick Dave Formula (from them Visage days) on synths. Mind you Dave used to be an integral part of Magazine. Billy and Dave indeed made the chorus part of Rainy Season a premium.Lush!! smile

Billy Currie and Dave Formula do appear as synth/keyboard players on the following:

Jerky Versions of the Dream - Howard Devoto LP/cassette 1983

Roger, on another but similar note, I have a Howard Devoto (a great lyricist, though very dramatic) line from one of his songs 'About the Weather' for The Quiet Man:

For John,

"Now you are leaning on a fountain with the sunshine on your shoes"

Ciao for now!

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