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I've twice logged on to young William's site and, though it says "Updated 9th November", the only news I can get is that regarding Tai-Chi from 6th October. Even pressing my refresh button doesn't work (nor does pressing the computer's). Is this item hidden in some other section, or is my computer just Internet Sub-Normal?
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Hi Everyone!!!
I have finished the Mastering of the Humania Album.
The title and track listing is :-


1. Undertow
2. This Day Forever
3. Suffering Cease
4. The Key
5. To Love Again
6. Can't Stay Long
7. There is Know They
8. Perfect World
9. Lament
10. This Could Be Heaven

Humania Line-up:-
Billy Currie - Keyboards
Robin Simon - Guitar
Marcus O'Higgins - Vocals
Sue Rachel - Bass (Backing Vocals)
Ray Weston - Drums, Electronic Percussion

Produced by Billy Currie
All tracks mixed by Billy Currie, except Undertow, mixed by Billy Currie and Peter Dudley.


Billy Currie was a founding member of Ultravox, and whilst with the band in the 70's and 80's recorded eight albums with the last five entering the top ten album chart in Britain.
The 80's line-up split in 1987, after the Uvox tour, but did not announce it till November 1988 after the band members had completed various solo projects.
Billy did his first instrumental solo album in that time called “Transportation”.
The putting together of the band Humania came about in November 1988. Billy wanted to work within a band again, after the solo album experience, and with new musicians. He brought with him Ray Weston, the drummer who performed on his solo album, and Robin Simon, who Billy briefly recruited into Ultravox back in 1977. Robin and Billy were old friends from Huddersfield and worked very well together on the infamous ”Systems of Romance” album. The vocalist, Marcus O'Higgins, was introduced to Billy by his acupuncturist and Sue Rachel (bass and baking vocals) came into the band after the suggestion from the group “Dead or Alive” who were recording an album in Billy's studio at the time.
There is a great feeling of energized freedom on this album, with Billy, at times, taking complete control of the form and writing of the music with the band clearly enjoying being swept along. The song “Suffering Cease” is a staggering seven and a half minutes long. “New Age Progressive” as his band mate Robin called it. There is also, as in the track “Undertow”, a continuing experimentation of the Electronic vibe that Billy had a big part in creating from his Visage, Ultravox and Gary Numan days. Billy disbanded Humania after one year to start his second solo album “Stand Up and Walk”.

Never before released, this album is a fascinating, vibrant, melting pot of creative forces. It ****ing rocks!!!!!!!  

I will have a release date very soon.