Thank you very much for your reply, Billy. I personally find Ukraine to be a highlight of the U-Vox recordings...

In hindsight, it is a great pity that Chris, Warren and yourself didn't continue on as Ultravox and record that 1986 album as a three-piece (if you'd been able to keep Chris around long enough!) shock .

I've already asked you about the B-side track, '3' (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful melodies you've ever composed, Billy, and that track was just you and Chris...) and I think you'll find that most Ultravox fans agree that the Cann/Cross/Currie composition, Paths And Angles is also, undeniably, a huge Ultravox moment.

In fact, Majestic on the Ingenuity album, is another powerful Ultravox track, proving, yet again, that you could certainly sound like the band without the need for the magic song formula.

Still, that's history, eh?

Thanks again, Billy.