Thanks Duncan
Sadly I only got a few out of all the ones I took Duncan - I find Billy really difficult to photograph for some reason - mainly because he is in the dark much of the time - unlike Midge who has a lot of spot light on him so is therefore much easier to capture. Also getting more 'exciting' composition when someone is stood behind a keyboard can be testing. It also seems impossible to get a decent violin shot! Again - he always seems to be in the dark when doing the solos!

I am pleased in the sense that there are some shots here which do portray the 'excitement' of his playing - again much easier with guitarists who have the freedom to move around and express themselves through body language more - but glad it does come across on some of these, this was important to me! I've enhanced this by adding a few artistic touches also - more 'scorching' kind of color to one and a 'bathed in light of genius' impression to another! lol

There's some additional band/Midge pics on this thread if you're into browsing. J. smile

Other Pix