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anyway ... c u ( maybe back on "the wheels of steel" one fine day !? wink )

- olaf a.k.a. "the d.o.c. in da place 2 b !!!"
I got something even better than the wheels, I just got introduced by a new Macintosh something better! Garage Band 2! I can make my own stuff!

I didn't know anything about it, but got a tutorial today, and will go to a class on Tuesday to get even more info. I can't wait! Woo Hoo! I wanted Reason at one time, but that's $200.00, and I can't buy that right now. Maybe after I am married and shove it into Dave's Dell. Oh, yeah! But for now, let's do GarageBand 2!

Now, to buy a car and put that license plate on there like that...