hey dj k.a.l.i. ! smile

wow ... i never expected such a detailed reply , as my comments weren't meant THAT serious , albeit they were still what i thought about that matter !!! wink

however ... i know of all the things that u've described so detailed in your points 1. to 7. , dear kathleen !!!

fyi : i've already started as a deejay back in 1985 , playin' electro , ol' school hip hop & early house tunes back then ... & in the early 90s i've changed my style more to techno & its likes !!!
between 1993 & 2003 i did the deejay job professionally for money @ various smaller or bigger events & have been a regular @ many clubs & parties around my northern germany area back then !!!
i've also played a lot of drum 'n' bass & similar breakbeat stuff since the mid-90s until today , but i was definitely THE_ONLY_DEEJAY in my area , who ALWAYS played @ least some real electro tunes in his set over all those years !!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />
nowadays it's sadly quite "fashionable" around here to play electro or so-called "electroclash" tunes & almost ev'ry "trendy" ass ... erm ... "deejay" does it ... except me , as i quit doin' that job 2 years ago & only concentrate on my various radio show projects since then , where i still can play exactly what i want to play & don't have to ask anybody , if it's "their stuff" then !!! wink
i'd also taught myself how to scratch , do backspins , create loops , cut 'n' blend & stuff like that over the years , so i think that i really know , what i can do & also how to do it on whatever equipment comes along @ a party or event !!!
the cheaper the equipment , the better for the learnin' process & how to deal with it in the best possible way !!!
ev'ry "trendy" ass could mix on two technics turntables & a pioneer mixer with beatcounter & effects nowadays !!!
u really can't call those wankers "deejays" anymore , sorry !!! evil
almost ev'ryone of them simply lacks a real musical background & has absolutely no history or true experience as a deejay !!!
they're jus' wanna-be's , who do it for one reason : the money !!! *sigh*
sorry , but that's simply not my scene anymore !!!
i'm too ol' now for such kiddy games !!! <img border="0" alt="[Shake head]" title="" src="graemlins/shakehead.gif" />

6. Some memory helps, you can time a song to go out and dance with your friends and know what time to come back and get to work again.
i also did this once ... only to hurry back the very next moment as a stupid jerk has hit the decks & scatched the record that was playin' !!!
never again since then !!!

btw : durin' my time as a professional deejay ( 1993 - 2003 ) i NEVER did a set without a soundcheck of the p.a. & the whole equipment before the party started !!!
if the p.a. & the equipment was simply crap , i jus' refused to use it & haven't played my set that night , because i've learned from bad experiences since the mid-80s how such bad equipment can jus' ruin the best deejay sets !!!
i don't wanted to be payed for a good set on bad equipment nor for a bad set on good equipment , but only for "a good night out" !!!
nothin' more or less that this !!!
if i refused to use crap equipment , i only asked for my expenses & not for the deejay set money , which is jus' fair game then !!!

But no Radio Station here plays Techno or wants to,
that's why i've established our own jvr network with some deejay colleagues around my area to play "our sound" also on the radio !!!
we were playin' "outstanding dance music since 1995" ( which is the subtitle of our website btw wink ) in our own radio programme & since about 5 years it's also transmitted worldwide ev'ry sunday between 4 & 7 p.m. cet ( german time ) via i-net livestream ... yeah !!!

I don't want to pay $10.00 to a club and listen to Britney Spears. I'd rather run in front of a speeding train!
best joke of the day , kathleen !!!
maybe u should listen to tori chlumsky's version of a britney song called "i WASN'T born to make u happy" instead @ http://www.indiscover.net/item.php?id=110 then !?
what a fantastic rip-off of our favorite wanna-be bitch !!!

anyway ... c u ( maybe back on "the wheels of steel" one fine day !? wink )

- olaf a.k.a. "the d.o.c. in da place 2 b !!!"