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well ... really good deejays know their stuff by heart & doesn't need a list anymore !!! wink

1. It all depends on the vinyl. Did you know Techno records are not the same as regular records? You can always run into the dreaded 1/2 and 1/2.

The 1/2 and 1/2 works like this. It looks like a normal record and may play like one until the second song, and you wonder why the record gets stuck. It won't go to the next track. The second track is supposed to be played from the label on out! See how this can be a problem? Especially when this is the reverse formula! The outer track is reverse, and the second song is played like a normal record.

2. Not all speeds are the same for every piece of vinyl. What looks like a 33 1/3 may actually have to be played at 45. Or, you get the same size vinyl and it plays 33 1/3 but you never know until you get these things. (Then there is the creative stuff, slow the 45 down to 33 1/3 to get a normal sounding vocal, even though it should be 45, but now we are getting very complicated, and I am very tired. frown

3. The Techniques have +8 at the bottom -8 at the top. The Gemsounds have +8 at the top -8 at the bottom. These are speed settings to help you mix songs. They are also confusing when you have Gemsounds at home and Techniques to work with outside the home. To be a good DJ you don't really have to work on Techniques at home. I see the advantages, but not really necessary. Especially when all you can afford is second-rate equipment. I think it makes you better actually. smile

4. Not all mixers are the same. What you do at home may or may not be done with a mixer you have never seen before. Memory won't help you a whole lot here. If I wrote in the margin, "Begin slide on 3rd cling" I knew what it meant. Count the "clings" (well...what the hell else was I gonna call them? They weren't bangs or thumps, or any known sound!) And I used some other silly-write stuff I used to understand what I was going to do up there.

5. I also remember if I am going to use a record again, to put it so I can get it real fast. I messed up one night, I stuck a record in the back of the box, and then I couldn't find it, and the record I had on played thru, but it was good it did that, because it sounded much better, more complete than me doing the interrupt with the other record.

6. Some memory helps, you can time a song to go out and dance with your friends and know what time to come back and get to work again.

7. The only other thing I did to, is when I bought the records from the store, I immediately taped what I was doing on the 4 track. A lot of messing around happens but some really great brilliant things may happen, and you want to know how you did it. I even took notes then!

... & always remember : keep @ least 10 or 12 so called "bullets" in the back of your record case , in order that your originally planned program simply doesn't work as u thought it would !!! wink

I also call it cutting it down. The stuff I had on tapes I sold I knew would not work well played live. They just wouldn't. It wouldn't be in the timeslot I was given to do all that I wanted to do. I just took the necessary stuff, and some "fill" if needed, but most of the time, I played within the given time.

however ... many greetinx to all deejays in here from olaf a.k.a. deejay doc jones , who did those deejay thing very regularly between 1993 & 2003 , but has abandoned it since then ( as a club or party deejay ) , because the spirit nowadays jus' isn't the same anymore !!! *sigh*
I couldn't agree with you more on that. There is no scene in Pittsburgh, and I am not sure of other cities, and really, I don't see the reason to keep on with it. I don't know the people, and I don't want the problems that come with it.

No venue here wants to open it's doors to drugs and everything that goes with it. They had enough of the problems, and wanted to do nothing more with promoters, DJ's the whole lot. It just wasn't feasible or even safe. Now, there is nothing.

I haven't played since 2000 and I really haven't listened to the tapes I kept. I COULD put them to disk with the new Macintosh coming our way HOPEFULLY soon, but really, Rebelgade? Pre 9/11? I don't think that's such a great idea. It was ok at the time, before any of that happened, because no one knew it would happen or even could. Now that it did, it's like, "What's the point of playing this?" So I wouldn't bother.

Hugs & Glitter would be a more historical tape because of the Formats I have on there reflected something like a party from 1992. Exactly the way it was, different music, same idea. But no Radio Station here plays Techno or wants to, and I don't know of any clubs who continue with it. I don't want to pay $10.00 to a club and listen to Britney Spears. I'd rather run in front of a speeding train!

Things to do Today:
1. Buy Milk
2. Do Laundry
3. Run in front of Speeding Train if I have to listen to Britney Spears!