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Sorry just realised you're in the US and I'm not aware of how the scene is there...duh.
The local scene here is dead, but as far as Orphans go...a lot of good House songs were made "You Open Me Up" is one of those whorey little housey luv-in songs, but what in the world would go with it if you want to do a whole set like it?

I usually tried to have a Theme set. Rebelgade was all-out war, (pre 9/11 and I wouldn't get away with doing that now!) And then I made Hugs & Glitter which gave you ALL FORMATS you would here like in the old '92 days. All sorts of Techno was played.

I thought of the Thunderbolt Kennywood Amusement Park coaster when I made that tape, and it worked out perfectly, but the ALL HARDCORE people didn't understand why suddenly they would here trance, and complain! I warned them in advance: "This was like the old days dude, new songs, same feel!" But the Pittsburgh scene was tiny compared to say a bigger place like the West Coast who probably looked down on us for even having attempted something decent. (Pittsburgh is not noted for having anything good.)