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I'd forgotten about Arcadia. I remember quite liking their album. I've also just discovered, from Wikipedia, that The Power Station released a second album in 1997! Although, sadly for Duranies, John Taylor wasn't involved.
True, but Andy Taylor was. The album was called 'Living in Fear' - producer Bernard Edwards (of 'Chic' fame) played bass on the album in John Taylors's absence, although he himself sadly died of pneumonia before the album was released. On the subsequent promotional tour, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) and then Manny Yanes stood in on bass guitar duties. I saw them play a warm up gig at the Hannover Grand in London in, I think, 1996 - the magic that inspired the original project had obviously been lost by that point, and after the album came out to relatively mixed reviews and success, the group disbanded.

One of the most interesting facts about John Taylor is that, I believe, he was asked to leave the LA based band 'Neurotic Outsiders' in 1996/97 for, effectively, 'conduct unbefitting'. A fact all the more fascinating given that the band consisted of former pop/teen idol Taylor, Steve Jones (of The Sex Pistols) and Duff Mckagen and Matt Sorum (from Guns N' Roses). The latter three are hardly a bunch of shrinking violets are they? And if they felt Taylor was behaving badly given their past and reputations, it must have been bad.