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With a clear risk of annoying BC-fundamentalists again -

Fear not - I have a gardening tool at the ready this time!!! youe been warned lol wink

I dont really like compilations - as i feel teh work is so diverse I think its best if you listen to each album. Each one has a unique personality. Given teh new one has just come out I think this is an excellent/essential starting point.

I have much of Billy's work in what I call my 'lava lamp and incense sticks' collection (along with Floyd and Hawkwind) - theres some real chilled trippy tracks - one of my faves being 'why to you hang on me' - off hte 'Push' album.

Still Movement is very 'tranquil& beautiful' as is APOTS. Some of the piano work is soooo lovely - very deep moving stuff (well i think so!).

'Transportation' is my 'champagne and cocktails' album - its quite eccentric - very experimental with style and sounds and techniques. 'Keys and Fiddle' has some very vintage sounding synth heavy tracks.

F*&^%g amazing musician/work that I feel has so sadly been overlooked in general over the years.

Anyway - check out 'Refine' first then maybe Push and take it from there. All can be downloaded now from Amazon etc (Refine download only). I do hope you enjoy! smile