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Hey Scott,

I can answer your question re: CC's stagenames.

Presuming that I am allowed to quote an excerpt of EV 17's interview with Chris, this is what was asked and what was said:

EV: How did you arrive at Chris Cross and Chris St John as stage names?

CC: I had a photo taken in Cambridge with a street sign (St. Johns Road I think) behind me and St. John seemed more interesting to me than Allen. Cross developed from a wacky discussion when we all came up with daft names. Billy Bear was suggested for our Bill. It was just a laugh at the time (honest).

Hope this helps.

Mark smile
Sorry for the dalay in acknowledging this, Mark. Thanks for the information - much appreciated (although it's a shame it kills off my neat theory... frown )

Billy, thanks for your reply. As for the idea of yourself and John working together again... well, what a thought! I suspect the results would be truly something special. Do all of us a huge favour, please, and pursue this.

Rob, could you have a word in John's shell-like the next time you see him?

Cheers all,