Dear Billy,

Sorry to bother you with a question which, perhaps, should be directed at Mr Foxx; but seeing as yourself and Warren are the only two band members who turn up on this forum, you get saddled with these enquiries... and it's your turn, as I've already bugged Warren with a question about Chris.

Anyway, I'm wondering if you know why 'ROckwrok' isn't more conventionally spelled, e.g. 'Rockrock' or 'Rock Rock' or .....

John once reported that when writing and recording 'Metamatic', he imagined himself as the Marcel Duchamp of the music world. Dou you know if the spelling of 'ROckwrok' was inspired by the name of the single-issue arts journal Duchamp put together, called 'Rongwrong'?


P.S. If you can shed any light on the question I put to Warren about Chris's stage-names, that would be great... (see page 3 of the 'Videogame design director?' thread in Chris's area of the forum)