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[QB]Thanks for all the greetings!
The responce to my new samples are very positive. I am happy.
Hey! Im the last one to join the forum and I am curious to check out your new stuff!

1984 was a strange year. Midge & Annabel Giles, Bob & Paula used to sit in the kitchen all night. Bob loudly rubbished Ultravox in front of me many times, saying we were burnt out and finished.
This coming from a man that needed Live Aid to revive his already fledging career. As it happened, it didnt cos when music is poor, it does not really matter if you have a "holy" aura about you haha.

Midge was laying him self open so as to be used by Bob, who was pretty powerful in his mouthy way, as Bob new that Midge lacked confidence in his own talent.
Well, well. How interesting. Annabel was hardly the quiet, mild type. A pretty girl made of steel and burning ambition that saw Midge as her passport to fame. Just like St Bob, she has only ever been able to get "bit parts" on tv and has always came across like a put on posh prat. False people piss me off.

As well as the fantastic work Band Aid/Live Aid did for charity, and I applaud that, the Band Aid project gave him the confidence to s--t on Ultravox the group that made him.
That is so typical of bands internal politics. Ego, self promotion, false horizons, the need to be revered... I work as a music journalist and promotion officer for underground acts and it goes on everywhere, no matter the level of the band or the music genre. It's sad but I guess the music industry is downright fascist. One last thing that I have noticed, however, is that Midge's solo stuff was diluted and never made me reach the same heights that Ultravox did. Straight up. No shit. I have been a musician for many years too so I am not just spewing crap for the sake of it but never mind.

Billy's post was a small eye opener, I would need to read his book and Midge's and everybody else's...