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Mrs X, firstly, the two dvd's I sent you were copies of my own [Mine For Life 1 & 2]. They weren't dvd's that were copied from someone else. Therefore, this 'Incomplete' set you mention is actually 'Totally Incomplete' as I never sent you any of that particular set.
Yes, I did get copies of Flips 3 discs and put them with the other 8 Ultravox dvd's I have. I have two dvd's that are entirely Foxx/Vox related but the MFL disc was the only one you knew about and subsequently asked for. As a little surprise I also enclosed the MFL2 dvd for you. I'm a tad surprised that you seemed disappointed by only receiving two dvd's from me even though I sent them to you as a goodwill gesture.

If you're after the Foxx/Vox dvd then I'm sure Flip will go to the trouble of sending you a copy if you ask nicely. smile


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I appreciate all that you've done and I love the DVD's! Don't get me wrong!! cry

Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought the third one was part of that set or whatever. But it's OK! I got what I originally asked for, and thank you for including MFL2!! I'm so sorry if I sounded ungrateful. I am most certainly not! Again, this was just a big misunderstanding on my part, and I sincerely, deeply, and humbly apologise. Thank you very much for everything, Ash. It was very nice of you.

I feel like a complete heel... sad

Mrs. X