I think it is always a critical thing to find out who did something or something wrong in a relationship... and a band is some kind of a relationship. There is always the thing that people move in different ways, and at some point maybe someone or all of them realised that there is not much in common anymore. In most cases noone is really to blame, people change, there opinions change, the way they think change... I think (in a band or between people in general)... if you find someone who wants to go a part of your way with you than do so... and if ever the ways go to different locations... thank him / them for the time and what he did for you and let him go... even if it hurts... make a cut when the time is right and you can still look in each others eyes.

There is no use in fighting... it only destroys the memory and somewhere in the past there were good times... keep them in mind and accept that people change. We all do.

Everyone has the right to do his very own thing andt to live his dream.