Hi Everyone,
Just got the release date for STILL MOVEMENT
15th November
I don,t mind a tribute band cors not! Not sure about playing Viola with them though.
Got Midges Book today.
Nice to see the posts here saying I influenced people in to playing synths so much.
I did record my daughters voice for STILL MOVEMENT but decided to wait a little time and work with her on my next album.
I think that the first video/film of Ultravox performing Sleepwalk was at the Top Rank Brighton. Not St Albans. Maybe Wrong!
I would be up for a copy! I would,nt mind a copy of the socalled Mine For Life DVD either.
Thanks everyone for the good responce to my album snips :- Joby, ( yeah its total instrumental) Christine, Harry from New Zealand etc. Have,nt been there for a while!
I remember the Monument gig when Colin broke his arm. Wow!