I too dont think any of the opinions posted on the thread are really midge bashing,just opinions as already stated.I like the fact that on this forum people air their opinions,whether they are good or bad points and people chat about them on here without things getting nasty,in all the time ive been visiting this site thats always been the case.Ultravox were a group/band ,a collectiveness of talent that gelled together to bring us that unique sound we all know and have loved for so long,in my opinion what went on behind the public eye doesnt really matter,the fact that the group existed and gave us such enjoyment matters more than that,the time would have come to call it a day sometime whatever the circumstances of the demise would have been.John,billy,chris,warren,stevie,robin and midge all played their part in that legacy that was left behind not any one single person.Just my own "opinion".Cheers.