It's like Bill has been saying, both here and on his site (which is great). The public don't know the half of what went on to bring the Live Aid DVD to market and I don't suppose they will
ever know.

I am greatly saddened that Ure and even Geldof could've trashed Ultravox so publically...if you call a private party public! For Ure to stand there and hear such crap being spouted by someone whose own band came to grief just a year after Band Aid (In The Long Grass anyone? I saw it for 50p!) is indeed ironic and not a little myopic. It's also greatly disloyal; like you say, he was a bit of a journeyman before Vox
consolidated and re-established his rep and he should be bloody grateful and not out to trash his former band-mates.

It also saddens me that Ure sought to use Band/Live Aid to further his own career. He is not above reproach just because of the many mills
raised to fight famine in Africa.

Bill: as I have told you personally, forget him.
You will always be held as the true genius behind Ultravox and that's not to diss the work
of Chris, Warren or indeed Stevie, Robin or John.
You are the very soul and essence of the band
that was my life and for which I will always
hold a special place in my heart.