Hi Bill! Glad to see you on here! I think I only owned 1 Boomtown Rat album in my life, and that is because a College Professor was not into his Punk/New Wave roots anymore. He got into religion, and felt that stuff should just be thrown out, or given to someone who missed out on some great music, because Pittsburgh is horrible in the music scene and everything else it tries to do.

Anyway, all my Ultravox albums were bought at Peaches records and tapes, National Record Mart, or at Eide's which has loads of imports you can't stop dreaming about.

Gee there Bob. Ultravox washed up huh? Why is it I have ALL THEIR STUFF AND ONLY HAVE 1 OF YOURS? And Bob, your record didn't die of over-play either.

It's probably in the basement. Probably. I have no reason to look, but if one ULTRAVOX CD goes missing...WELL IT HAS TO BE FOUND! I don't care if it gets to be 4:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, I need that CD!

The CD's get played now, and the vinyl sits happily in the corner as nice as can be. The cover art is the old-skool BIG size. At the time, they smelled pretty damn good! Remember in a record store? You go in, and the smell of new cellophane, vinyl and cardboard was like an aphrodesiac? Which is why you went in with one record in mind and came out with 5.

Not only that, you could BUY an album you had no idea about, and see if you liked it? Well that happened with ULTRAVOX! that was in Peaches records and tapes, and because of the cool neon, I asked for it at Christmas, but my Aunt shopped downtown, so I got Vienna the new album at the time along with 3 Into 1.

With the Christmas money I went back and bought ULTRAVOX. That never happened with any Boomtown Rat album. It was ok...I don't like Mondays, the song my mom hated, and a few others, but Kraftwerk, what was that like? Again Peaches introduced me and my brother to Kraftwerk without ever hearing a note from them. It was a great red and black cover that's all.

Gary Numan's CARS was on radio, and that was a great song! But radio was on his side. By accident, a Hard Rock station played White China and I knew it was Ultravox. Even pulled the car over at Keener's hardware store to listen to see if I was right.

So the all powerful Bob, when it came to your record bin, it didn't mean that much to me!

As for the stuff I have Revelation and Ingenuity:

Revelation has good songs. I played it last night, and True Believer has to be one of my fave songs on it.

Ingenuity was the closest thing to Trance Techno, and likeable all the way around. Great song.
Do more Techno!

Now if my brother uses the tapes I gave him of my stuff, maybe something good will come from it. Mini samples that I played with, and some snippets of game play from various settings on my phone. My phone has some great sounds! Does anyone here ever sample their phone and make a full song from it? Just wondering. smile