Thank you for that very candid view on the Live Aid issue, Billy, and for your perspective on how the meltdown inside the band at that time began to happen.

I found the comments about the Irish/Scottish need to be accepted by the English Eshtablishment very perceptive, and, from my own memories and experiences of that time, that view is something I have debated with various people over the years.
Being of English/Irish/Scottish extraction, it something that I am aware of. I think that Band Aid and Live Aid was done with courage and all the best intent in the world, but somewhere along the way it started leaving me with some doubts about some peoples integrity.

Might explain why, after those kitchen table conversations, we got Uillean pipes and The Cheiftans on U-Vox. Did you struggle with that? Or was it an experience as a musician you enjoyed?

As for Midge's book, a compare and contrast with Bob's orginal autobiography 'Is that it' might be an interesting exercise. I re read it not long after Paula's death and found it a very sad read.

I listened to 'The Closer I Get To You' seven times over in the car this morning, whilst driving down a long single track road in the foothills with the sun shining,, and it was Fan-bloody-tastic!

Thanks for all those fan-bloody-tastic gigs way back then, lots of good memories!!!

Hope life has been good to you, and will check out the new album.