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Wasn't he quite popular from Slik (well, I just mean popular) and Visage (and here I also mean respected)?
When they were on TOTP with "Sleepwalk", the tv-presenter mentions "Midge Ure" ("a very clever young man from Scotland") at least as often as the name "Ultravox".
Nils - from memory, he was kinda "known" as someone who had been around on the scene for a few years. Slik in the UK were almost "1 hit wonders" - not popular over any length of time. His next band Rich Kids were seen as a bit of a "punk supergroup" but weren't widely popular. The public face of Visage was really Steve Strange when they first hit with Fade To Grey - by which time Ultravox Mk 2 were off and running. He wasn't completely unknown before Ultravox, but Ultravox boosted Midge's profile many times over.