Very candid Billy. The stuff about Bob Geldof is kind of shocking. I've had views on that guy for a long time but I won't express them on here. I might get accused of something myself. All I will say is I thought his wedding guest list was interesting... As you say though, you can't knock what Live Aid was all about.

Your website is great by the way. I really appreciate the amount of detail on there. It makes a refreshing change to read about an artist's ideas and thought processes in putting a piece of music together. It makes a real difference to the enjoyment of music for me to have an insight into this stuff. Not with lyrics mind you, I don't like being told what they're all about because I make up my own meanings!

The Ultravox 'stuff' is a real shame for people like me who grew up loving the music and continued to love it in adult life. There are only two bands from the late 70s and early 80s that I would love to see back together (at least once) and there's about zero probability of that happening with either of them (one of them is Ultravox of course). However, the music is still there and will never go away and for that I'm grateful. It was and will always be extremely important music for me.

Anyway, thanks again for dropping by.