Thanks for all the greetings!
The responce to my new samples are very positive. I am happy.
I still feel the same about the Live Aid DVD. Typically there are a lot of unanswered questions which makes it very undermining for musicians that gave there talent for nothing. Midge would only meet me if I signed the contract ( he said that in a letter from Berenice his manager at the very last minute) where as I said to him in a letter that I would sign if he answered these few questions I had like "What do you think of the ethics behind a Company ( Warners) making money fot themselves & there shareholders out of this Live Aid Charity GIG & are the production companies making the programmes about the event doing it to make money for themselves or are they giving a percentage to charith". I just wanted a reply in writing. I gave him two weeks to reply. There was no mention from the lawyer John Kennedy that Midge was on holiday.There allways has been a feeling from Midge that because it is for charity he cannot be questioned. A bit of a dangerous area to get in to for self promoting pop musicians. Charity Fascism. I noticed, and felt very aggrieved, that Midge and the Management company had started promoting Midge Ure above Ultravox from 1982. Ultravox performed to help starving people. This seems to escape Midges attention when he does interviews because at the time ( and even now ) Bob & Midge enjoyed the power they had over the famous acts and definately got a kick out of seeing them scurrying and hustling into position, lineing up so to speak, to be a part of Band Aid & Live Aid. Bob had been in the wilderness for two years and Midge mistakenly felt he had Ultravox in his pocket and so it seemed the perfect time, as the world thought the sun shone out of his a--e hole, to put the boot in and drop us like a brick. Ultravox were never thanked for the performance it was more like we were lucky to be invited and what great free promotion you all got! It,s the pop muscians version of human nature. Irish and Scottish style. They wanted to be loved, the most, more than anyone else, by the English establishment.
1984 was a strange year. What a swing to the exreme right, It had a lot to do with the Aids scare. Guilt about all the decadent partying from that time. I first met Bob in that year. It was at Midges party,s. Midge & Annabel Giles, Bob & Paula used to sit in the kitchen all night. Bob loudly rubbished Ultravox in front of me many times, saying we were burnt out and finished. Midge agreed like he was not a member of the group. When the party,s eventually got in to full swing Bob got the knives out on me saying I was a wreck! Bob openly told Midge to quit the band and do something else. Midge was laying him self open so as to be used by Bob, who was pretty powerful in his mouthy way, as Bob new that Midge lacked confidence in his own talent. Bob knew Midge wanted to be successful in his own right, without Ultravox, but because he was,nt a song writer was afraid of making the move. Midge chose to discuss it with Bob and Chris Cross and not with the Band. As well as the fantastic work Band Aid/Live Aid did for charity, and I applaud that, the Band Aid project gave him the confidence to s--t on Ultravox the group that made him.

I orderd it from Amazon. I have to have it though, don,t I!!

The one to get started on my music:- PUSH then STILL MOVEMENT and then go right back to Transportation and up to present time.
I have allso ordered Midge,s book. I,ll get it on the 11th.