I asked this at the tail end of the website update thread, but I'll ask again here in hopes of drawing a little more attention.

I like Ultravox, everything from the first Ultravox! LP through Lament. Heck, I even like "Ain't Misbehaving," though I never liked "Monkey Jive." I liked BC's work with Gary Numan. But Transportation was a little too new agey/Vangelis-ish for me (for some unknown reason, I love the Blade Runner soundtrack but haven't been able to listen to anything else by Vangelis). The post-Ure "Ultravox" albums are really not my cup of tea; too mainstream commercial arena rock for my liking. And the two other instrumental albums I've heard have their moments but just don't really connect with me.

So... how excited should I be about the Humania CD? Which of Billy Currie's work that I'm familiar with does it most resemble?