Blimey it's all gone quiet in here……….. confused2

Well I eventually got my head together (actually, no I didn’t! I NEVER do that!!! ) - I decided to finish my little album review last night. As usual really enjoyed doing it (unlike the 5 hour long Chinese Experimental music anthology of last week!!!! - eeek).

It should be published within the week and I will share links with you as and when, however, seeing as this is such ANOTHER GREAT GIFT of 2009, laugh I thought I'd share the unedited version with you guys here.

Of course I love all of this album, I was seriously overjoyed to hear it. I had been exicited since first reading it was coming out, but I was still very much taken back with its content when it eventually surfaced - its even better than what I imagined it would be.

Although its very fresh sounding, some of the sounds made me think of both Visage and Ultravox - tracks like 'Stranger Within' for the atmospherics and also 'Mind of a Toy' (intro to Empty Stage Mantra). Great classic sounds presented in a really fresh way, rather than blatantly treading a beaten track if you see what I mean. Should deffo appeal to many on here I would have thought - perhaps more so than previous work.

Biased? Me? Never!!!!!!! lmao (seriously though, those that heard it - it's good innit??) - oppps - PH - I'm doing that multiple punctuation mark thing you hate!!!! Ho ho ho… sorrieeee.. sad

Review incoming shortly - just grabbing the scissors ….. Cut and pasting…... Jus