Originally posted by Alex De Large:
Fonts. I'll have to look them up and find out. (Although it does kinda beg the question why dya wanna know? Are you gonna do a sequel?)
No, nothing dodgy, I assure you, Mick! It's just that my inkjet printer and the glossy card I use doesn't produce a very good result with the small text on your artwork, such as the credits details ... the white gets washed-out by the other colours. I was just wanting to 'overtype' the text and make it a bit more bold so as to get a much sharper print result.

Thanks for your response about a photo, too ... the last lot of photos were for Accidental Poetry Of The Structure (other than those taken on the Ultravox tour), so I was just hoping for a recent 'solo' shot ... no worries.

Thanks again, Mick.