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Cheers for that, [b]Tor ... I'd already downloaded it from iTunes last night and converted the tracks to WAV files and have burnt-off a CD-R already ... listened to it last night and in the car on the way to work this morning. I concur, this sounds very good from what I've heard so far.

Billy has updated his website with some details ... tracklisting, credits.

Billy: If you read this, is there any chance that you could arrange for higher resolution copies of the cover art and any additional artwork for Refine to be made available? Perhaps it could be put-up on your website or forwarded onto Cerise to put-up in the Media Archive on this website?

Being 'old-school', I'd really like to be able to knock-up full CD artwork for this album, so any additional images would be very much appreciated.

Cheers ... [/b]
All done and available on Billy's site.
Ta! Mick (Alex - or whatever I'm called this week)