maybe this question came up here already a long time ago and was also answered , but i haven't found that answer , sorry ! shocked

anyway ... while doing a bit of musical research some days ago i came across a link to a certain jeff allen , who was the drummer for the 70s glam-rock band hello and their german wikipedia site mentions "Drummer Jeff Allen, Bruder von Ultravox-Mitglied Chris Cross" ( in english : "drummer jeff allen , brother of ultravox-member chris cross" ) , which was indeed quite surprising news to me ! confused
can somebody confirm or deny this ?
i've never heard nor read about this before anywhere and there's also no mention about this on the english wikipedia site of the band hello nor anywhere else i've looked so far - incl. all possible ultravox sources ... or have i missed something then !? confused
would be interesting to know , if that jeff allen is indeed chris allen a.k.a. cross' brother , as he's a musician too ! wink
any further info would be greatly appreciated ! smile