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Paul, just simply to clarify - I was referring to the "BNP" thread which is now a long-established political thread. If you have a problem with it; why not simply remove it rather than trying to scapegoat one contributor of many simply because they are the most recent poster? confused

Grant PS Whilst in this moment of clarity; I don't specifically support any particular party so I doubt very much this counts as spin. bemused

I have no problem with the thread, but I did take exception to your statement 'it's not appropriate to post about politics in a political thread'. This implied that I'd said something in the other thread I clearly did not. I used the word 'spin', because you've deliberately given people reading this an inaccurate impression that is your interpretation only; we have not said you can't post about politics, and we've never taken down threads unless there have been exceptional circumstances that have forced us to do so. It's a bit annoying to imply we would take things down based on personal preference; sorry, that's not our style.


Scapegoating. As with other posts on that thread, you've copied an article from one newspaper that criticises a politician from New Labour - but reading down, the article also highlights areas where the party has been successful, although there's no comment on that. I appreciate I'm maybe alone in thinking constant regurgitation of articles that seem to take a form of relish in 'bashing' a person or their reputations regardless of all facts does not make an edifying read on a music website, whether it's a self titled political thread or not. In that respect, I asked 'So how would you propose solving all of Society's problems you've highlighted in this thread?'. We can all read about the problems, but there's no balance of views, and no debate or suggestion on what the answers are. If my asking you something that simple is 'scapegoating' in response to something you've posted, then I wouldn't worry about the thread being taken down as I'm probably at the point where I should ask Cerise to remove my account and ability to post. Life really is too short...


You're obviously passionate about your politics Grant. Isn't it a shame that people don't debate things properly in the political arena, and as a result so many voters withdraw from taking an interest because of the sheer cynicism of the political process.


No more from me on this one. As you all were on the genuinely interesting thread about guitarists and bass lines.