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Totally agree - am having a bit of a "Rage In Eden" today; and apparently it's not appropriate to post about politics in a political thread (if that's the case why not ban them outright?). See elsewhere for this.....lol.
If you're referrng to this thread , as we've been down a similar path previously I'll gently assume the statement 'it's not appropriate to post about politics in a political thread' is your personal interpretation for local spin purposes, given that there's rarely balance or solutions suggested when posted articles have been held up for question or needing balance. Oh well; life really is too short, so onwards and upwards I guess.


Back to the subject, I've always thought that Chris's bass on 'When the Time Comes' to be the best of the Ure era material, although I'm sure other people have their own favourites. Outside of Chris, great players I've admired are Bernard Edwards (Chic), John Entwhistle (The Who), Paul McCartney, Nathan East (everyone) and Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap). Great players and great bands.