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Step forward Chris Cross.. the original Quiet Man!, take a bow and please accept my heartfelt thanks for having such an effect, that compelled me to pick up a bass, learn how to do it justice and to ultimately have the greatest giggle ever.. anyone who's been in a band will know what I mean!

ps.. you went to the same school as my dad - but you look much cooler!
Step forward, Christopher!!! I told you in Edinburgh that EVERYTHING WOULD BE FINE. Because I knew. We all knew. Apparently, you guys had the biggest doubts and worries. See, even if you had played badly, to us (the emotionally-oriented) it wouldn't have mattered. But you didn't. You were beaming; the energy you transmitted with just your smile (to start with) cannot be described with words. It was to be felt.

You were beaming in Embra. I had only the Scottish gigs programmed. But when I got home, I couldn't sit still for a second, with the tink-tink-tink-tink in my head and all the emotions. What a catalyst UV turned out to be!!! I booked a flight for Bristol and, once back, for the Hammersmith gig (and an idyllic stay in Bognor Regis, I must confess).

Hammersmith was an explosion. You never stopped transmitting pure energy. You were vibrating. YOU WERE DANCING!!! You never stopped moving!! You should have seen yourself with our eyes!

Three flights Barcelona-UK and back on three April week ends (and working in between), that's crazy! Had anyone told me I'd ever be doing that, I wouldn't have believed one word of it!!!

So you guys please carry on and contribute even more so to our happiness (means: come back soon!!!).

And... sorry! I can't keep this photo to myself!!! I am SO pleased with it! All cried out from the gig and now with this moron's face expression because I'm standing next to Dr. Allen, tee-hee!!!! nutjob

Alas, I did not have the chance - despite my number of trips - to see you a last time in order to say "See - told ya everthing would be OK". And perhaps to share a cup of green tea with you (a quick one, of course) - or whatever it is that keeps you in such excellent shape. wink