As I sit here on Thursday night, slightly (edit @ 00:13 - moderately) fuelled with Talisker (surely the finest malt whisky this side of anywhere).. I recall that the last time I saw Uvox was for the Set Movements tour at the Hammersmith Odeon.. that time I was an 18 year old, enjoying my music, thoroughly into Ultravox and not aware that Loves Great Adventure (sorry, just don't like it!) and TDPT were just around the corner.

My first experience of the band that brings us all here had been Canterbury Odeon on the 12th of December 1980.. I stood, transfixed as the first live gig I'd ever seen unfolded around me.. and I do mean Transfixed!! This date in 1980 set in my mind that I wanted to be part of a band.. not sure how, or when, but I wanted to be a part of all of this!

That dream still burned within me at the Hammy O for the Set Movements tour, and had by that time been sustained by other bands such as U2, the Waterboys and not least, Simple Minds..

..Eventually in 85 I got together with a bunch of friends and what evolved from that was the best of times I could ever have had, making music with a bunch of mates for 6 years, having a laugh, breathing life into and nurturing our own compositions etc.. we never wanted to be famous, we were in it for the giggle, and giggle we did - at our own little pinnacle playing to over 400 people!

Those days are gone now, life has a habit of getting in the way (and some bastard steals your equipment too!), but the ashes of memories are still aglow (see what I did there.. ) my weapon of choice was the bass guitar..

occasionally I take a look into those embers and hear the noises I made.. I hear traces, big traces of, amongst others, Derek Forbes (Thank you sir!!)

But here we are, two and a half decades later and the circle will complete tomorrow at the Hammy O..

Oi, Slo' - what's the point of this post??? I hear you scream.. Well here it is...

Step forward Chris Cross.. the original Quiet Man!, take a bow and please accept my heartfelt thanks for having such an effect, that compelled me to pick up a bass, learn how to do it justice and to ultimately have the greatest giggle ever.. anyone who's been in a band will know what I mean!

ps.. you went to the same school as my dad - but you look much cooler!