Thank you for the link Vladimir smile .

I too remember seeing a clip on TV that featured the song "Raise the Dragon" and also featured Billy and Chris.

The reason I was looking for info,(I came to this thread through the Forum Search) is that I have, up in the loft, a 12" White Label of the song Raide the Dragon.

There used to be a chap who had a record stall on the weekly market round here, and he always had a big box of 12" that he sold for something like 10-20 pence each.

The Raise the Dragon 12" is credited to Intimate Strangers, and has just one track on it, a mix of the song (memory fails as to what the mix is called, as I mentioned it's up in the loft.)

The second side of the single is blank, no grooves to it; it's completely smooth.

If there turns out to be more than just a very tenuous link between Ultravox and RTD/Intimate Strangers, let me know and I'll nip up and get the details from it (label, credits etc).

Be aware that it came in a plain white sleeve, so the only info I can get will be off the printed record label.