Thank you for that link, Mary Ann. I'm sure the situation can't be radically different in Canada than the USA, so that is very informative.
And for the replies, Snashy and Newvox. Snashy, your journal sounds like it would be very useful to many. Sorry to hear about the attack - well done for coming through it with a positive attitude. Words in type never seem to convey the meaning well enough, but my hat is off to you, sir.
I suppose there are many different ways to do something entailing psychological work. Personally, I was hoping to utilize my degree in Education and gain further qualification for school counseling; we shall see how it goes!
At the heart of that might well be the idea that dealing with students' problems one at a time rather than all at once seems attractive! I'm only half-joking............
They seem to be pushing courses in Adult psychology here in Canada right now. A university in Quebec offers online study - still needs looking into further though.
After a very unwelcome bout with tinnitus, I aim to find a quieter occupation than teaching bands in a classroom!