Originally posted by Glenn:
I need to do to become a counselor here in Canada (where I now live).
Following my own personal experiences of what happened in 2003 & thereafter, I've actually been looking into trying to get into some form of counselling, to help others who are going through what I myself have fought with for a few years since 2003 - a serious drink problem following a violent attack which has steadily been controlled in the last couple of years.

From speaking to my own former counsellor my understanding is it would be very difficult for me to get into. I'm not giving up hope though & I am trying to find a way "through the back door as it were", whilst looking for a job I am accustomed to in the meantime. Some forum members will know I have been journalling my experiences from this time which I eventually hope may become a tool to help others. My former counsellor has said I can forward a copy of what I have written so far to him. If it only helps one person I will consider it a success albeit an extremely minor one.

I have other "ambitions" about how I would like my experiences to benefit others but, one step at a time. smile