Aha! Everything is clear now, thanks for taking the time to explain, CHRIS.

See, in Germany, psychotherapists DO have to have a Dr. title - in general medecine, if I remember well. From there, they specialize.

Not sure how it works in Spain though. But from what I see, psychiatrists are more "in" because it is "easier" for the population to swallow pills or take drugs than to confront themselves. Being constructive and change ill behaviour and thought patterns that have been existing since childhood would be too much "work", it seems. It's easier to adopt a victim attitude. The post-Franco generation is not ready for this yet, they are too spoilt. Hopefully, the current crisis helps people with ill thinking structures to put things into perspective, like it usually happens when disgraces turn up in life.

HOWEVER, it is really really nice (awesome), after so many years, to see, hear and read you. Edinburgh was breath-taking (many of us cried during the first couple of songs) and Hammersmith was an explosion. Please try to make it to here. I will help your fans to find their way around. And I will get you a new phone via my Vodafone points, too, as I am due to pick up one for my mum soon. The only selection criteria here: BIG keys, in order not to miss them. Does this apply for you as well? LOL

SLOW MO - from what I have always been seeing in other threads, you DO have great communication skills. The question is whether you enjoy this role or not. I don't, which is why I keep away from sources of (constant) negative energy. Too energy-consuming, and I need to build up energy, not have it taken. Life's just too short.

GLENN - those comments, what would they be? Sorry, just woken up, still a bit thick...

Kisses from Barcelona,