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Omg, I'm dying!!! That's such a fab pic!! I met them in Milan in 1986 but Warren was not in th band anymore...wish I could have chatted w him!! How was it??? I missed that whole tour cos I moved to th US...arrrgh!!
Hi Patrizia!

Don't die, don't die... How it was? I guess you have seen the reviews on this very forum by now. It was F-BRILLIANT!!!

Sorry to read that you missed something essential to life because of moving to the US... I really hope for the US fanbase (which seems to be considerable) that "if" there is going to be a tour for the new album, it will take the lads over the Atlantic. BUT FIRST TO SPAIN!!! Long overdue!!!!!!! Madrid/Barcelona a must (see sold out Chameleons "Vox" there last month!!!). wink

Peace and love,