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I have to admit that it took me some time to understand "Bruvver" eek , but I do love the pic!
Thank you Chris smile
Same here, Laurita! Possibly due to expecting postings in Oxford English in here (except Piggy's, of course). So... shouldn't it be me bruvver then...? biglaugh

Cool photo, Dottore Allen, thanks for sharing.

As I went to bed last night, a lot of things were going through my head (now here's a surprise). Also, I had just been listening to some music. All of a sudden (literally), I had the melody of a new Ultravox song in my head. It sounded brilliant and incredibly ultravoxy. I was composing an Ultravox song! When I can't even play an instrument... But wow - it sounded incredible. When I started working on the lyrics, I must have fallen asleep...

It's gone now. Pfffff.........