I've listened to it a lot over the years, and particularly over the last week or so, but today is the first time I've ever noticed there are two voices on the spoken parts of the verses in All Stood Still. (I'd always been aware there were two in the chorus.) One's obviously Warren, but I don't think they both are, as the other sounds like it's a slightly higher pitch, so it must be either Midge or Chris. The remasters also make it clearer that Warren is one of the spoken voices saying the title on Waiting.

In the sleeve notes, Midge says although they were always seen as a synth band, he thinks they sound more like a rock band here. While that might be arguable for Passing Strangers and maybe Astradyne, Mr X very much is a synth track while Vienna is classical; but I'd say everything else (even Sleepwalk) has its roots in the band's punk/new wave past.