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I suppose he wanted to change the album slightly otherwise there is no point in remixing it, and I think he probably succeeded in doing so. In the end I suppose it is just personal taste, isn't it?

I think that's exactly the right approach in that you have to have some difference and it is a question of subjective, personal taste. There are people that love Steven's mixes, those that don't and those that are happy that there is a different interpretation.

When I first heard the mixes Steven had done I noticed the extra bass notes and thought that it was different but not jarring. Billy and Warren both had lots to say about the mixes across the project and were OK with it. From memory -and I could be wrong here - Billy did comment on those notes in particular but didn't have an issue.

Interesting what you say about the crossfades on side two (and also whether or not there should be a gap before New Europeans) were matters of debate at Chrysalis. My opinion was that they formed part of the integral structure of the album and so shouldn't be changed. Steven was asked to to do an 'up to date' mix of the album, not a new edit.