Now, I like Steven Wilson, and have been followed his career ever since "The Sky Moves Sideways", so I was really looking forward to hearing his mix of Vienna.

I admit to slightly mixed feelings about it. I really do not like the two bass (C) Moog notes before the second chorus of "Vienna" at all. They simply do not fit. Ditto Billy's staccato solo synth coming in too early in "Passing Strangers", plus it disappears later in the solo. The end of "Vienna" comes too soon as well and the synth effects on the final chord disappear, like on the 7" version. I suppose he wanted to change the album slightly otherwise there is no point in remixing it, and I think he probably succeeded in doing so. In the end I suppose it is just personal taste, isn't it?

I do like the extra little effects in "Private Lives" plus the extended fadeouts, though, and it is definitely interesting to hear the different balance between the two violins in "Mr. X" and the extra parts in the solo of "Vienna". The slightly extended fadeouts in particular are the kind of thing a fan would do. Personally I would have liked the option of hearing Side Two without the crossfades as well.

The numerous positives outweigh my petty, picky negatives many fold and I am extremely happy overall, and the package as a whole is fantastic. I am particularly enjoying the live disc.

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