To mark its fortieth anniversary, the highly influential compilation album From Brussels With Love is about to be re-released by Les Disques du Crépuscule...

This new version will contain all five of the Jingles written by John Foxx, together with the track Mr. No...

The track-listing for the Cassette and Double LP is as follows...

01. A Jingle #1 [John Foxx]
02. Airwaves [Thomas Dolby]
03. Stranger [Repetition]
04. Children On The Hill [Harold Budd]
05. Sleep Will Come [The Durutti Column]
06. The Music Room [Martin Hannett]
07. Cat [The Names]
08. A Walk Through H [Michael Nyman]
09. Interview [Brian Eno]
9A. A Third Trombone [Phill Niblock]
10. A Jingle #2 [John Foxx]
11. Interview [Jeanne Moreau]
12. Armoury Show [Richard Jobson]
13. The Shadow Garden [Bill Nelson]
14. Piece For An Ideal [The Durutti Column]
15. Felch (Live In NYC) [A Certain Ratio]
16. Haystack [Kevin Hewick and New Order]
17. Etrange Affinité [Radio Romance]
18. White's SS [Gavin Bryars]
19. Mein Freunde [Der Plan]
20. Twist Up [Gilbert and Lewis]
21. A Jingle #3 [John Foxx]

The track-listing for the Double CD / Earbook is as follows…
Disc One is same as the Cassette and Double LP, while Disc Two is as follows.

01. A Jingle #4 [John Foxx]
02. Mr. No [John Foxx]
03. Dada Guitare [Bill Nelson]
04. For Belgian Friends [The Durutti Column]
05. Orpheé [Richard Jobson & Tuxedomoon]
06. DBB (Double Bind Baby) [Aksak Maboul]
07. Ach Golgotha [Karel Goyvaerts]
08. Interview [Marguerite Duras]
09. Nagasaki Mon Amour [Polyphonic Size]
10. Life In Reverse [Marine]
11. Mozart [Michael Nyman]
12. White's SS (Unedited) [Gavin Bryars]
13. Nightshift [The Names]
14. A Still Reflex [Repetition]
15. Treatment [Digital Dance]
16. Sorry For Laughing [Josef K]]
17. And Then Again (Live) [A Certain Ratio]
18. A Jingle #5 [John Foxx]

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