Was watching a few of the old Ultravox and Midge Ure videos last night and all these years later came to a couple of conclusions apart from the fact that they are obviously brilliant!!

Firstly they haven't half aged well a lot of them compared with other bands at the time, as has the music. I put this down to the fact that many of them are almost period/history pieces such as Vienna, RTWW, The Voice and The Thin Wall and the "dead man's clothes" have aged well compared with other flamboyant 80's videos with large shoulder pads and mullets!

The other thing I noticed was how some might not stand up to today's politically correct society as many other videos and TV programmes of that time don't and wonder if they would appear on Top of The Pops if it was going today. Health and Safety certainly wouldn't have been too pleased with the volunteer running of a cliff in a hand glider in LGA I am sure!! Was interesting though to see how times have changed but as I said earlier in many ways a large chunk of it holds up very well.

Interesting point in the Vienna video to look out for that made me laugh as it's the first time I have noticed it was when the entire room joins in with the lyric "fades to the distance" the leading lady looks around a fraction before everyone else and there is a hint of "oops" in her face!!!

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