Today I was getting back to this thread and in parallel revisted an interview on
Mr. Lipson was quoted in regards to why "Brilliant" did not do so well:

"Not a clue. Maybe it was a lack of money to promote it? Maybe a lack of interest in the band? It’s hard to say."

While I am usually trying not to say negative things, my take on this is simple: If Ultravox had produced the album by themselves they would have sounded much better.

Mr. Lipson produced "Man On The Rocks" with Mike Oldfield and that´s one of the albums which received various bad ratings. The next album (produced by Oldfield himself) was much better received. It is a simple fact that not every producer is made for every genre and with the utmost respect, Mr. Lipson was not the ideal choice for producing our beloved Ultravox.

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