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Any addition or info will be welcomed:

Billy Currie Stand Up and Walk cd (lp? tape?)
Stand Up and Walk was definitely available on LP and Tape - moreover, there were two different tape cover designs. I know this 'cos I've just scanned them in for the Billy Currie section of the Discography...


Hi Rob

Digging up an old thread here, as the rest of the internet has failed to provide what I was searching for.

I'm curious about the different releases and artwork for Stand Up And Walk. I bought the cassette by mail order when it came out - the sleeve has a photo of Billy and his viola, but I've seen online that there are two other sleeve designs (for the CD and/or vinyl) that I wasn't aware of and your post mentions two different cassette sleeves.

So, what I'm trying to find out is the complete release history with sleeve designs for this album.

Some of it is in Discogs (I added the cassette release from my copy), but not all.

Can you shed any light on this? Thanks

I'm also not sure why I bought it on cassette if there was a vinyl version available - I hated tapes! Maybe I was worried about a record being sent by mail back in 1991.